Guys, do you text her first or wait for her to text? Girls do you text first?

When you first meet a girl (guy) who ends up texting first? You text her (him), is it the other way around? Why is it whichever answer you choose?


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  • I usually wait for him to text first because I don't want to seem clingy or needy...but there are the few occasions that I will text first just to let him know that he is on my mind and I care :)

    • couldn't agree more :)

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    • no you can text first but don't make it a habit...just do it once in awhile and then let him go back to texting first again...that way you don't seem clingy and needy and you are still giving him space to be the "man" in the relationship. texting him first on the occasion will show him that all of his hard work effort to get you hasn't went to waste!

    • Oh, OK. Thanks!

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