Why do girls never call me back?

im a 26 year old guy! I am good looking, I treat girls I meet with respect (girl never pays for anything), I'm nothing less the polite! why do the girls I ask out say yes, give me there number, and never call me back?

ps, I dress sharply, hair slicked, nice shirt (no prints), nice pants (jeans aren't ripped), I shave, cologne, clean teeth


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  • sometimes to girls it can be uncomfortable to have everything done for them. I'd just be wary of that. While it can be charming, a relationship needs to be mutual, and you need to give her a chance to give back to you. That being said, I agree with the comment below me - character and being different or standing out from other guys in some way is what will catch a girl. Don't try to appeal to all women because I'm pretty sure you'd have to be schizophrenic to please every girl, but you need to let your character show through and let her see your personality.

    • well, if she wants to pay, its alright I let her, but its the no response to calls that's getting me

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    • this is a good point. women value rapport. a friend of mine once told me, on average it takes 6hrs for a woman to feel comfortable enough with a man to sleep with him. Maybe you are rushing it a bit. Maybe talk to her 30 min here, a quick 10 min coffee meet up there. And once you have a good record with her she will be less likely to reject you. (btw I am not advocating abusing the raport to sleep with women, it is the concept of getting into the comfort zone that is important).

    • you try calling once. no answer. leave message telling her to call? Still unlikely that she'll call you back. Like I said, if she hasn't known you for a while, it's unlikely that she will follow up - leaving her a message and expecting her to call is requiring that she be proactive and slightly aggressive. Unfortunately, that's not most girls. She's probably expecting you to try again. I'd say give it 2 shots and if nothing, let it go. That's about all I can think of, judging by normal girls

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  • All those things are good but the key element is are you interesting and fun to be around. To be honest nothing beats a guy with that characteristic. Look at James Bond for example (especially pierce brosnan), he isn't JUST a gentleman. What women love about him (at least the women smart enough to keep up with his wit) is how fun and confident he is.

    • before the girl gives me her number, I mean we've talked for about half an hour, I'm anything but dull, I try my best to steer conversations, into things shed want to talk about, if she likes for example cooking, talk about cooking, and no I don't stare at her chest, I look at her eyes

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    • well when that happens it sucks but I like to think of it as her lose not mine.

    • thank you

  • First off, I think it's more like worship than respect if they never pay anything. But as for your question, I don't really understand what you mean about them never calling you back. If they give you their number, how could they call you back? Do you mean you call them and leave a message?

    • i call her. leave a msg, and she never calls back

    • You should try calling her until you get her to answer. I hate voice mail.

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