How to be myself around a girl I've liked forever?

theres this girl who I've been friends with for years. we stopped talking for a while but now where talking again. but when we hang out I'm always shy and don't know what to talk about around her. around my other friends I'm really open I could talk for hours . I'm really trying to open up to her but I have trouble being comfortable around her. when I'm around other girls its cool cause I can make them laugh all the time but I fear if I do it around her she might think of a might think I'm a douche because I'm kinda loud mouthed, sarcastic and I swear like a sailor also I'm used to being around people who are always getting drunk or high and she is the opposite she more quiet and reserved keeps to herself, stays at home, works and goes out every now and again and she doesn't drink or smoke. we've had moments were we get along perfectly and had a great time but that was the past and now in the present its like were strangers and its really awkward. Guys and Girls please help me with some advice to be more like myself and feel comfortable around this girl.


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  • Girls like looks and confidence. So hit the gym and grow some balls. Also you're saying she's straight edge. There are plenty of two-face women in this world. Piss her off a little and see how she reacts to see her true colors.

    • Yeah I know there's two faced women out there but I've known this girl for close to 6 years I already know what kind of person she is and that's not her. Out of all the females I met she's one of the most nicest, down to earth quirkiest girl out there. and I've pissed her off before and she lashed back with fire in her eyes but all in all she's a real good person.

  • well I think you need to hang out and talk and be yourself people change so she mught have changed as well

    • We have hung out and we see each other on a pretty normal basis but she's for the most part the same person she's been since I've known her. but its hard to talk cause I get nervous around her and its unlike me cause I'm normally a pretty fearless person

    • well you could be honest with her and just be yourself and if she doesn't like it . its her loss you know