He asked me out but not directly via text but I played it as a joke?

I will try my best to explain myself. This guy and I like each other it's been almost 8 months. We were texting and he asked if I had a boyfriend and I jokingly said there's a line and he said when will he get to cut to the front of the line. I said that he has to make arrangements. I have 2 questions based on what happened:

1) Did he take it as a no or maybe there's a chance?

2) Would he still be interested? he's always constantly staring. He smiles when we make eye contact but sometimes looks away


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  • From "he has to make arrangements", I'd think he'd take that as there's a chance and he should ask you out aka the arrangement. Yes he'd still be interested, it's not a direct or clear turn down anyway.


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