Your dating stories?

Guys and girls that never make an effort with the relationship. They check out other girls/guys right in front of you. Never initiate contact with you. lol and the list can go on forever XD

Anyway tell me your stories of dating some complete jerks or cows and how it ended and I'll tell you my story :P How long did it last? What made you finally end it? etc


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  • heres one...

    while in college some random chick who ogled me a few times before came over and started chatting me up...made it clear she liked me, she was cute, I asked, we went out a few times/ hung out at school and stuff...after like 3 weeks she started acting all weird and basically accused me of being a player without a shred of evidence...i tried to talk about it but she wouldn't return contacts for like a week so I said f*** it, I'm done/ not gonna waste my time, I was nothing but good to her and her friends I two weeks later she wanted to talk and I said no. the end. later on I found out she had just gotten out of a relationship where the guy cheated on her big time and wasn't a good guy at all. c'est la vie, girl.

    lesson learned= don't get involved with an unstable chick who just got out of a sh*tstorm of a relationship.

    i got plenty of other short stories...ive dated some psychochicks, one weirdo girl from planet wtf...i had the self respect to stop seeing them after a few dates lol.


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