Is he looking for something, or just hooking up?

Theirs this guy that I had an ongoing thing with for about two months. we hooked up a few times, and texted almost daily but were never together. Finally, I said we're either together or we're not, and he called it off. Not a big deal, but a few weeks later he texted me for a booty call. I told him I wasn't interested and if that's all he wants feel free to delete my number.Now I have a thing with his friend. But, now He only texts me the nights that me and this other guy have plans, and he's often drunk. He doesn't even ask to hang out, but just makes random conversation..

What is he trying to get at? I'm starting to get feelings for him again, but I don't know what he wants!


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  • He's jealous and that's the only reason for the texts. Don't get feelings for him again. He hasn't changed.


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  • It's hard to say. Maybe he does like you and is jealous or maybe he just wants a booty call and is jealous that you are with this other guy instead of him.

  • I guess he is just using you yo hook up with you. If he really wanted to be with you he would have given some hint towards it besides asking for a booty call.

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