Should I tell him how I feel?

So I have this guy friend of mine that I have known since August of this year...and I have a crush on him and I realllllly want to tell him how I feel because I haven't had a boyfriend yet (I'm 19)...and I really want one and I well..really want him. Should I drop bold hints of how I feel (if so...give me tips please?) or should I just tell him? But I do not want our friendship to turn weird if he doesn't feel the same way? HELP!

This guy I liked turned out to be arrogant and not that nice. And then I started having feelings for another good guy friend of mine and now I FINALLY HAVE A BOYFRIEND! =)


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  • hmmm. ofcourse you always risk the friendship by showing him your feelings, you have to decide if it's worth it or not.

    • How do you know when it is worth it or not? Or should I just get to know him longer first and then see if there are any signs that he in fact likes me more than a friend?

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    • be his friend a little longer, do things together just as friends and see how comfortable he is around you. And when you are confident that he likes you back then I guess you can start dropping the big hints, or just ask him out, you could be like... " hey there's this movie I've been dying to see but I have no one to see it with, do you have time tommorow..." and voila you have a date! But even if you get hurt in the end it would still be worth it, and you should never regret liking someone.

    • Thanks! That's real helpful! I'll do that because I have no sense at all that he likes me in that way. So I'll wait and see. ^_^...or maybe he's just good at hiding it really well (though I doubt he's hiding his feelings). Thanks for the advice! =) ..I know he likes me as a friend but that is about it.