How do I get over my ex dating someone new?

i still love my ex, and I think about him all the time. we were together for 4 years, and we've been broken up for a year but I still have feelings for him. he's seeing someone else now, and it hurts so bad to know that. I feel like absolute crap.

what can I do to be OK with him dating someone new now?


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  • There's nothing you can do because whatever you do it's still gonna hurt. At least yours waited a little while, but mine started dating about 2 months later after he broke up with me.

    It does hurt, but that's just to realize they aren't worth it. They obviously didn't feel the same way for us, so might as well save that energy for somebody else who will care and make us feel like the only girl in the world.

    F*** exes!

    P.S. just a little reminder, don't check on him online, it only makes it worse.


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