Why doesn't my boyfriend reply to my texts?

He'll reply to some of them, then not reply to later ones I send. He'll be really flirty and sexy with me, then go quiet...Maybe I text too much? Is this normal?


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  • coz he is f***ng BUSY...dammit...why can't girls understand that guys have their own lives too...

    one of my exes used to get mad at me when I won't return her text msgs...but the fact is I would have not checked my cellphone for 4-5 hours when I received her text...due to me being occupied in something

    so just relax and don't bother him like a satellite...give him is own space and own time...

    & NO that's is not going to make his love for you less

    and for GOD's sake don't start up DRAMA all over with him over the texting.nothin would p*ss him off more than that

    • That's basically what he keeps saying, but sometimes he'll go days without saying anything at all.

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    • And he last texted me Saturday...It's Tuesday now, that's more than 2 days...It's like he doesn't wanna talk to me XP

    • LOL...take a chill pill

      wht you doin is one of the biggest turn-off's for guys

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  • I need to take a sip from that same glass but I agree it's tough. For me, communicating for a bit helps me refocus on my other tasks at work. So it's tough when I don't hear back. But, he acts like your boyfriend does. The less I reach out the more she seems to be drawn closer. I just wish I'd get my way once in a while. I'm going to personally going to try a new path this week, not reach out, don't answer the calls or emails with the same promptness. May even pull the "I already made plans" card. Seems some level of game is needed even though I detest them.

    Let me know how it goes for you

  • Its frustrating as hell isn't it? My friend does this too - I'll sex something nice or cute or a compliment and she just doesn't answer. Yet if I don't reply She always brings it up. I happen to prefer the quick text to a call as I am busy and find it way easier

    Just roll with the punches. Don't text at all and see where it goes

    • I prefer texts too...I'm trying to text less and less. When I stopped before, he tended to text me more. Once we had a discussion that I wanted to talk and he said he was too busy right now, so I was frustrated and said something like well I just wanna talk about -----...and my phone broke lol Worst timing ever...Anyway, he said he texted me like 4 times after that!

  • I hear ya. I don't like not answering a text or email or call. Just how I'm wired. She's different, but since she expects me to answer and when I don't she pursues harder. Wish I could figure you females out!

    • Lol We are all different, I know we're confusing...But if he responds more when I do less, I know that's what I need to be doing, but it's SO HARD to not say something when I think of something!

  • he is being a challenge

  • some guys just don't like to text a lot in general. Or he might not check his phone often


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