Scared to meet this guy, advice?

I've been texting this guy for a while now and he wants to meet me... the problem is I'm getting nervous when I'm thinking about it... He likes me, I like him... but when It comes to meet him I just can't do it... I've been hurt before and I 'm scared of dating again... what should I do? please help me :(


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  • I say actually talk with him on the phone first just to get a feel for him before you actually meet him. You should go to meet him. Listen to how he talks to you, observe how he treats others. Keep your guard up, but don't make it impossible for him to get through to you.


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  • your argument is bullsh*t. if you decided uve been hurt dsi you don't want to date- then dont. the fact your even asking means you're considering-so go ahead.

    dont lue to yourself, it just makes you neurotic.

    also pain being hurt, rejected etc. that's life. if you stop living for fear of getting hurt, you'll have no life. from what I hear dying knowing you did 'nothing' id about as bad as it gets pain wise.

    grow up or leave it alone. there's nothing to 'decide' you either want to or you dont. but you have no 'reason' not to. its a feeling. you're scared. so what. people face much worse than a freaking blind date.

    if it maters to you you'll do it. if it doesn't you wont.

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