Is it bad when you have to ask for a kiss?

It was the third time I had gone out with this guy, and he's a really great guy! First two times we had very intimate hugs but no kisses. Finally the last time we went out, as he walked me home we hugged (again) and I jokingly said "oh is that it?" and he asks what I meant, so I let it go and said never mind. But he kept insisting so I said coyly "is that it?" and he says "haha what else do you want?" and (this is me going wayyyyy out my comfort zone btw) I said, "well can I get a kiss?" he made a joke about me not getting angry if his lips are chapped and gave me a peck on the lips. At first I thought maybe he was shy (like me) but he's so outgoing and whatnot. I'm so used to guys being forward with me and pursuing kisses that I just wasn't used to this. What does this mean? And should I not have asked him?

What are some experiences you guys (and girls) have had with first kisses? Awkward or not


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  • YOUR UNDER 18 COMMON LOVE...this is why I hate the what this worlds turned into, when you think at your age its acceptable to be kissing...dont rush to grow up, believe me love, enjoy being young.

    • I appreciate the advice. Though I'm 17, I'm still young and naive and I'm aware of that. But I'm not too young to know when I like someone. I'm enjoying being young. And part of being young is falling in love. Am I not right?

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  • It's either

    1.He's figuring you out, to see if he can control you.

    2. It's not a good idea to rush tings., gay, gay

    4. Too young to really care.

    5.Bad kisser and he knows it


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  • I think the fact that he said about his chapped lips, means that he was shy/embarrassed about having chapped lips and didn't want you to be grossed out?

    I also think he sounds young... How old is he?

    • he's older than me. he's 18 I'm17.