He says I'm more into talking on the phone than he is, but he still enjoys it?

My best guy friend and I have been involved on and off for about 8 months. We have had some ups and downs, but I really, really like him and I just can't seem to let him go. We aren't together right now and he says his feelings aren't enough for a relationship, so I was trying to change some of the things we do.

We are in different cities temporarily and we often call each other and send letters to keep in contact. He said my love letters are awkward so I said I wouldn't send any letters, because right now those are the only letters I can write to him.

But then he countered that just because they are awkward doesn't mean they are bad, and that he likes getting letters from me. So, he acts like he doesn't want them, but then he tells me not to stop sending them.

We call each other maybe once a week, and he says he knows I am more into talking on the phone than he is but he still enjoys the calls. I suggested we don't call and then he got upset by that as well, and was trying to accuse me of saying that he can only call me if he likes me (not true).

Usually during this type of thing he would just get angry, but he just seemed to get upset/sad.

What is going on here? Does he have feelings or not?


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  • Has some feelings for you, but I think you should move on. Long distance relationships never work and he seems distant/ depressed .

    • Yea, I get that LD is hard, and I'm not trying to do that with him--we are apart only for a couple months (for school) and then we will be in the same city again. Is there anything I can do to encourage his feelings and/or strengthen our relationship now?

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    • Best of luck :)

    • Thanks :) hopefully the occasional romantic letter will still be welcomed

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