I want a new Cheap Smart Phone, advice?

Does anyone have any ideas on a new cheap smartphone, I am thinking the Samsung Galaxy Ace. I want a phone within this price range if possible or very close (£150 or its $274 in US I think)

iI want the phone to have at least a 5mp camera and Gps preferebly, can anyone give me suggestions? thanks

P.S It needs to be PAY AS YOU GO!


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  • I'm willing to say it doesn't exist.

    Pay as you go.

    So... so... LIMITING.

    But I tell you, those goddamn buggers are tricky sometimes.

    I have a contract so I'm tied in for the time being. That's okay.

    For the most part.

    And if I signed up for the required term, my phone was free.

    So I got a great Canadian classic. They call it "Blackberry"

    Now this lousy little sonofabitch has been a major headache for me.

    When I get the thing it comes will all kinds of fancy doo dads that they affectionately call...


    I felt I had every reason to believe that these stupid little things were built in and part of the programming. NOBODY told me that every time I accessed one I would be secretly connected to the network and charged and arm and an a$$hole for each time I pressed a button.

    I found that out when I got the first bill.

    I complained and they cut the bill in half.

    I mean they reduced it by 50% - they didn't take scissors to it. I wasn't that lucky.

    Still not good enough.

    But lucky me, I'm locked in a contract (+10 points for being smart enough to take pay as you go)

    so I have to stay with these motherfrickers until the contract expires.

    Then I'm going to find a new service provider. I've been with them since 2001 and this is the thanks I get. My loyalty is over. The minute the contract is up.

    Be careful. Be very very careful.

    And good luck.

  • Motorola Defy,HTC wildfire S


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