How do I tell a guy he's my rebound?

I'm beginning to realize that this guy I'm seeing is just a rebound guy and I don't really have feelings for him. I tihnk I'm also a rebound girl for him, but I'm not really sure. How do I tell him he's just a rebound to me and it was all a mistake? I want to be nice about it.

He's showing clear signs (to me) of getting too attached already.


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  • i don't know haha. That is tough. Hopefully he doesn't really like you/attached yet or it will hurt

    • Well that sucks. You're probably going to crush him. My sorry ass is there right now

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    • I don't want HIM. I have my sights set elsewhere (which he knew). I honestly just thought we were kind of comforting one another and being there for each other.

    • That's absolutely terrible. So you used him. Tell him straight up please and just let him alone.

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  • Well, this is tough, but let him down slowly.

    • How? I was told I shouldn't kiss him again or let him touch me really, because that leads him on. Isn't that a bit of a drastic change?

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  • You have to tell him you don't want to get too committed. You're just having fun and that's all you want right now. If he's okay with that then you're good to go. Otherwise there's no use leading him along.

    • He says he's okay, but it's a (500) Days of Summer kind of thing - he definitely thinks that once I'm totally over this other guy, I'm going to devote myself to him.

    • If that's the case, you have to be prepared for the fact that you may break his heart - even unintentionally. And you will feel like it is your fault. If you honestly don't think you have anything going with this guy it might be best to break it off early before he really gets his heart broken.