I'm not sure if I should call him or not?

A guy, I like.. Him and I hung together 3 times. We kissed and held hands playfully.

He did text me the same night that he took me home. "I had a good time with you tonight. :)" He also texted me the next day

It's been 4 days since the last time we hung out and he hasn't text nor call me..

I want to text him but he didn't even response back to my last text message, so I figured he might just be ignoring me. If that was the case, then I don't understand why he would tell me he was interested in the first place.


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  • It's probably nothing to worry about, some of us can get very very busy, I've had texts that I've overlooked on occasion and not realized until a few days later.

    And even recently I went through a situation where I essentially had no phone for 6 days after accidentally wrecking my phone on a night out and having to wait for a replacement to be sent out to me.

    If it was the other way around, I'd probably just send a casual text out asking if they were doing something, questions usually get a response from my experience. If he really likes you, then he would be being an idiot to ignore you.

  • I hate that too lol but it's either A) he's ignoring you or B) he's that busy.

    • It cannot just come down to those 2 options man.

      Damn, guys are simple yet very complicated f***ers.

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    • I see no harm in that. don't get your hopes up high. :P

    • He texted me this morning. Tell me he was sick these few days.

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