First date went bad or good?

I meant a girl online and we decided to meet up. Little background... she told me before we meant up she lived 1.5 hours away but would be up my way over the weekend (had a 10 mile race). Got her number and she told me to text her over the weekend. I did and we met up. We get there and do the typical first hug to greet the other. Then we sit down we get talking, end up hanging out there for an hour. We smiled had eye contact which is good. Still had a little first date nerves on both sides going. Not sure if this means anything: but it seemed we both were attentive and leaning towards the conversation a little. I notice ever now and then she would play with her hair. She apologize for not being more dressed up (I told her not to be sorry, she looked good). She had to pick a packet up so half way through she took her cell out and was worried about finding the place. She had her phone in the open and flat on the table and didn't keep checking it. She then asked if I knew how to get there and to see if her phone was showing her the right direction. She asked if 3:15 would give her enough time to get there and that was plenty. She had to be there by 4. So 3:15 hit or a little after and we both said time to go. On the way out, she said she had to use the bathroom and she would be right back. I stayed and waited, was that the right thing to do? She came out and we walked to our cars which were next to each other. We hugged and she told me she would call me when she is going to be back up my way, since she comes up frequently. I had a good time, so a few hours later I sent her a quick text saying I had a good time and hope she found the place where her packet was. that ok? She never responded back, is that bad. She did mention she had family and friends in town so her weekend was crazy busy and she was visiting a friend after getting her packet. Is it OK to call her two days after our date to she if she wants to go on a second? Are there any good or bad signs here? Thanks for your help.rst date


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  • Yes it is OK to call her. If she likes you she will be delighted. I think you can try to read too much i-to a person's behavior , particularly as an outsider (i.e. me). No you didn't do anything wrong waiting for her while she went to the toilet. You like her and respect her and wanted to keep her company until you said goodbye.

    • is it bad she didn't repond to the text? Sorry about all the questions... just been over three years since I have done this, so its like riding a bike again. haha

    • I think it depends on her personality. I cannot speak in terms of not reponding when it is a date, but certainly I have had many female friends who take 2 to 4 days to respond to a text and female family members who forget because they are so busy. If you call her you will get a yes or no answer, or she will not answer the phone. I have learnt the hard way, that if someone likes you back, they will make the effort to ring you back if they get a missed call. Good luck. Hope you meet someone soon

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