What if she doesn't text you back on a specific question?

So I have had this school boy crush on this girl for a while. We work together and I would see her almost everyday. I've catch myself starring at her from my cubicle all the time and several times she would look at me and our eyes would meet and she would smile at me. At times she would be walking and I look at her and our eyes would meet again and as she passes b she would look back at me and smile. Then I got fired without ever having the chance to get her number but what I did was ask my friend who is a girl ask her for me. letting my friend let her know that its for me, and she did, so I got her number but was shy for a couple weeks and didn't text. then today I finally did and we talked, you know small talk and what not. I finally said these words, " I never got the chance to get to know you as much as I wanted to work, and I don't want to miss another chance, can I take you out sometime?" and it has been several hours and no response, she has responded to everything before but not that. I Haven't texted anything else since there was no response or if I even should, I don't want to say something stupid or repeat myself but I just don't know what to do, if I should be like; "hey, you still there, or I know cheesy but I like you" I don't know but its driving me nuts I wonder if that's what she wanted or who knows. What should I do? keep texting about it or text and change the subject or what. Thank you in advance for your time and feedback.


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  • Maybe she's consulting friends or, and I'm really sorry, but maybe she's just not interested or was hoping to be friends

    • Thanks for the advice...Should I even text back then? or just let her respond if she ever does? I just hate that it was left unanswered you know? A No would have been fine too at least I would know.

    • I completely understand. I wouldn't text back though. Don't let her have that over your head. But maybe give her a couple days before you permanently erase her from your mind.

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