Asked him to hang out with me

asked him to hang and he said yes. but he would not give me a time or day this is the part of the convo...

me: we should hang or something :)

him yea should ay

me: I think so

him: ha ha what did you have in mind

me: umm just hang or watch movies or whatever

him yea OK cool

me: ohk.. so when?

him: not to sure actually hmm..

me: well that's helpful

him: I know right haha

me: OK we will soon I guess

him: yup cool.

its like by the end he changed his mind. I see him out on the weekend and he gave me a hug and I seen him looking a bit. but if I guy likes you he would try dance with you and kiss you yea? and also he would talk to me first right? even tho he always replies to me... what should I do...


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  • Well you're so young, some guys are shy. or try to act cool. so it might be normal that there's no time or date set. You could just try to set a date next time, like 'how about on Friday or Saturday' or something more clear. I mean you're just beating around the bush.

    But usually people with unclear time schedules don't really care so much either way whether it happens or not. Its always the person who suggests the date that's more into the other person. But I mean maybe instead of continuously suggesting or beating around the bush, just one time, one msg, just suggest where when what. and leave it at that. if he answers yes than yes. if he's still hesitating and blah blah, just let him be. So much simpler that way.

  • Humm...he doesn't nessiserily have to like you to be nice and so he would trie to jiss u...maybe he's just interestied in beeing friends with u...cuz a conversaion like that,let me just tell was not flirty at all...