Is he just busy or has he lost his feelings for me?

The guy that I was hanging out with has a daughter (2 yo) who is in town for a few weeks. he used to text me everyday (before she came into town) and always showed he was more interested than I showed I was. I haven't really talked to him much since she has been here. he said he has been hanging out with family and her a lot. I texted him a couple of times (he has always been the one to initiate contact with me) and he will write back right away and seems excited to hear from me.

I mentioned going out with him tonight because I was going to be near his house (he lives 45 min away from me) and he said he couldn't because he had to stay home with his daughter but told me to come over and hang out. I told him I would love to but I can't because I am going to be with friends but we should hang out sometime this week. he never wrote me back...

is he not interested anymore or am I over reacting because he is busy with his daughter and family?


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  • I think you are overreacting.


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