Weird message after hanging out?

I've been seeing a guy a few years younger then me. The first few times we hung out things were fun and the last time we hung out it was awkward and weird. Two days later he sent me a message asking me if I had called him from another number. I said no and nothing since then.

Is this some game?


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  • No, he just got a random call and wanted to know if it might be you trying to contact him.

    Don't call or text. You should hear from him shortly. It may have been awkward and weird, but it shouldn't be hard to recover from that. I doubt he'd end things over that one time. Especially after multiple good experiences. If he shrugs you off, then forget him, it's his loss, and you should move on.

    But really, when you're still in the preliminary stages of dating someone, it's kind of a game.

    A game in the sense that each person has to weigh how much attention they give the other, as to create enough intrigue and interest. Which, depending how good someone is at it, might seem confusing. He's probably just trying to be aloof. You should too. He has to miss you a bit. So wait a bit and he'll come around. Don't give in and contact him! Let him chase you. Be a challenge. Hook him in. You have to appear busy enough but still definitely interested. So yeah. It's kind of a game.

    But it doesn't mean he's playing you!

    So end of story, that text about the phone call means nothing; don't analyze it.

    • good point. I've just been out of the dating game for so long that I'm not even sure what I'm doing.

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    • honestly, my gut is telling me that he's a guy that plays these silly little games to get attention.

      If that's the case I don't have time for these little games of his.

    • If he's playing a game then screw it.

      But don't jump to that just yet. It seems a bit early to tell.

  • Why would he think you called from another number?

    • i don't know. He does have some ex-girlfriend that's still crazy for him that does weird things. I forgot about that until have I submited the question, it might of been her

    • I would just play it cool from here on out

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