Girls, do you notice a guy's texting habits?

If you've been talking to a guy recently who you're interested in and you usually text close to every night, would you think anything of it if he didn't text you for let's say 4 or 5 days? Would you think maybe he's losing interest, would you even care at all, would you prefer for him to keep texting you close to every day as long as you're interested?

How do you act differently in texting a guy you're into compared to a guy you're not into? How would he able to tell? Just curious.


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  • i act the same for whoever...just depends if they can hold onto a interesting convo.

    and if I knew the guy was into me and he hasn't texted me id think he lost interest. if I wasn't sure or anything id be worried in a way. cuase he always texts! what happened? did he lose his phone? sick? busy? even then...theres no way he isn't online too! something mustve happened :(

    • You wouldn't text him back to see what the problem is? Seriously?

    • i do...and they never respond! that's why I start getting paranoid or something. id wait like a 2-3 days though...

      what idiot would worry w.o even trying to figure out the problem?

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  • If I liked him then yes I would care. I would also think that he lost interest. If I liked him then I would let him know I liked him and leave it up to him to make the next move because I don't want to be a stalker but let him know how I feel so he can decide how he feels about me.

    • So, you'd care.. But instead of trying to figure out what's going on and working on trying to fix it, you'd wait for him to talk to you back--because you're so paranoid about looking like a stalker? Seriously?

    • Letting him know how I feel is trying to work it out. I make the first move and after that then it is up to him, I don't beat around the bush, I am straight forward so he would know exactly how I feel and let him know that if he is interested he should let me know too. If I don't like him then it doesn't matter if he lost interest and I wouldn't bother with contacting him.

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