Is he undecided, interested, or just not there anymore?

I have a coworker ex who I dated for a about a month two months ago. We still talk, see each other at work, hang out on occasion (were both busy so it isn't often). He knows that I like him, he joins me outside on break and/or lunch even though he doesn't smoke, gives me rides back to my place, will occasionally buy an energy drink or something for me, occasionally (not often flirtatious) mostly in comments and stuffs, despite being busy seems to really enjoy seeing me even if its only for 30 minutes. We broke up because I spent the night at a male friends and he was worried that I didn't know what I wanted and that I would cheat on him (his two exes did). When I've brought the idea of me and him up he seems to comment the most on how we have different views of that and I have offered to not do it if it bothers him. He doesn't offer many other problems but we never talk about it much more than that due to bad timing and him not responding to texts afterwards.

IDK what do all of you think? Do I have a chance? How do I play my hand?


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  • Fold girl, no chance... Stop playing with him; he broke up with you because you felt too comfortable with another male while you were with him.

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