Have you ever given your number on a dating site?

How long did you talk to someone before you give them your number. A guy messaged me and we seem to have things in common but I have never gave my number over a site. Just need reassuring thoughts or comments because he asked for my number to talk more easily.

I just read on some site that they claim you should skype or webcam with a guy before giving a number. Then another website says you should never webcam with a guy until you talk to him on the phone. ?


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  • I have never been on a dating site but I have given my number out to just about any girl/s who ask for it.

    • give him your phone number because if he is a creep, than he only knews what your number is and what your voice sounds like. if you skype him, he will know what you look like and he will have your IP address. when you have someones IP address you can track them down so...

    • Well were on a dating site so he kinda already knows what I look like but I doubt he will be able to find me seeing I put the town next to me as my residence and my phone is out of another town. But do you think I should give him my number or should I say yeah lets exchange numbers what's yours?(me NOT giving mine first) or should I give him mine and say what's yours?

    • yea go ahead ask him for his number than text him or something

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  • I've met people quickly online and sometimes regretted it. If it's just a number, you might want to get his and call him (unless he has caller ID then he won't know your number?). Otherwise you could try on skype or MSN and block him if he isn't your kind.

    Always try get recent clear pics.

    I'd rather give someone a online chat thing than my number because I can't block them on my mobile or landline as easily if things go wrong. I haven't had any psychos though :).

  • Actually this girl gave her number to me after we were talking for only a few hours. Its only a number. We talked for hours and she told me she loved me. I got scared and backed off lol.

    If you've been corresponding for a while, why not? Its kind of like leading him on if you don't.

  • Of course I have. I'll give it out fairly quick, I'm not scared.

    • yeah but you are a guy and I think it would be much better if a guy would give his number to a girl rather than a guy ask for a girls number. just a thought.

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    • lol no, I haven't.

    • :) good that makes me feel a tiny bit better about giving my number. I really hope I am making a huge deal out of nothing over this. lol Thanks for the input!

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