2 girls, one situation...

OK so this is a complex one (I think)...

Girl A and I have been friends for about half a year. We get on so well, it's unreal!

Girl B and I met only a few weeks ago, she really likes me, and we get on pretty well, but...we don't seem to have clicked.

About 2 weeks ago (just before I met Girl B...) Girl A told me she liked me...more than just a friend, but that she was only really looking for a bit of fun since she has just come out of a full blown relationship. I haven't ever had a girlfriend, and the thought of it is rather appealing to me...I didn't really know what to say, as I was a bit shocked by her confessing this...though it's not like I hadn't thought about it myself...we sort of agreed (hesitantly) that we would be better just staying friends since we want different things.

Since then, I've met Girl B, and last night I stayed at her flat, though nothing happened (apart from the odd kiss)...but I haven't been able to get Girl A off my mind. I've completely led on Girl B (because I'm a twat...apparently), and I may have completely lost Girl A (because...yep...I'm a twat)

I have no idea what to do. I'm not looking for an easy fix, just if someone out there could give me one tiny little piece of advice, it might help me sort out my thoughts.

Thanks for reading my stupidly long essay...


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  • go with Girl A

  • enjoy both of them :P

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