Texting the ex...and now I'm hurting so bad.

i tried to text my ex this weekend and he never responded. today I watched a video I made for him to make him feel better once that I found recently. I texted him and he texted me back that "i hate to play the part of a**hole but I'm going to have to ask you to stop texting me" I'm so hurt, confused, everything. I'm guessing he's moved on with someone else...why else would he say that to me?

i can't believe its over, he's saying this and its really really over. I'm hurting so bad right now.

i didn't respond to the text, because what is there to say to that. I want to know why he would ask that, but I'm afraid to ask.

what do I do? I'm hurting so bad


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  • You are stupid for wanting to get back with him (I read your detail to someone else below) YES he was a d***head he treated you like sh*t and cheated on you; that I understand. But please show some self respect you are better than that and it is clear his never going to change! Delete all your photos, his number, your msgs, his Facebook anything and everything! someone like this does not deserve you!

    If you have ever read anything about people with depression first step is to cut all those negative people out of your life for you to feel better!

    In answer to your question why he said that to you, here are a few reasons:

    1. he cheated on you so he is already over you therefore doesn't see the need to text

    2. He was stringing you along and now his done (could of found someone else)

    3. He realizes that after everything you guys will never be the same so what's the point

    4. A lot of guys just can't be f***ed with the drama anymore so they give up

    5. I once asked my ex boyfriend to not contact me because he was getting annoying and made me feel guilty for being happy without him

    I'm sorry to be harsh and I feel for you because I have felt like absolute sh*t after a break up; I broke up with my last boyfriend cause he treated me like sh*t I ended up hurting way more than he did but at the end of the day I stood my ground and showed I respected myself too much for him to do that and that's what you need to do! Please just stop wasting your time and energy, delete everything, and work on improving yourself! xo


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  • You shouldn't text your ex. It generally doesn't work out.

    I'm lucky to be friends with most of my ex's but most guys just want to be left alone afterwards.

  • its hard to be rejected. but look at it this way, its better than years of mistreatment and being strung along. a clean break is a blessing.

  • The only thing that's left to do is move on

    • I have a quick question to the question asker. Who broke up with who?

    • i broke up with him, because he was really emotionally abusive and then cheated on me. but we still stayed in contact after the break up and he would always contact me, and as recently as a month ago I got a random text from him (after not hearing from him for a while) asking if I wanted to take a trip with him. that's why I'm so caught off guard by him suddenly cutting everything off when for so long he was the one who would text and call me

    • sounds like he's found a new victim...you're so much better off he sounds like a loser.

  • This is your cue to move on. He could have ignored you & left you hanging on for months, at least now you know. So move on to someone else.


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  • Don't text him. Cry all you want sh*t scream if it makes you feel better but don't text or call him.

    As hard as this may seem it will pass. Start focusing on you, do things that will make you feel better. Workout, go shopping get a haircut these little things will make you feel better. Go out with your friends even if your not in the mood, just go! Don't be hard on yourself, you've done nothing wrong. Sometimes people just move on and it has nothing to do with you. It just happens. So go out there and be good to yourself you deserve it.

  • What an a-hole for sure! There are nicer ways to go about it, even ignoring your text would have been nicer than that! I hope that gave you more closure, because you don't want to be with someone like that, do you? and who broke up with who?

    • i broke up with him (I wrote a more detailed response to the same question just above to the one asked by "toban frost")

  • I feel your pain. Being ignored or forgotten is a bitch.

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