Why do guys always wanna hang out with me, but girls never do?

so its after summer break from college and all these guys from last semester are like where have you been we gotta party soon how ya doing girl like all this stuff...but girls I hung out with last semester NEVER hit me up. (its not like these guys are just talking to hook up a lot of them even have girlfriends) is there something that appeals to guys that doesn't to girls? idkkk. but IT PISSES ME OFF because I need girls to go out an party with to see these guys! I feel like they don't like me though since they Haven't tried to contact me at all...


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  • Show me a pic of you and I'll tell you the truth.

    • well I like to keep my identity private on here, but what would be your point?

    • Maybe they hang out with you because your good looking?

    • but all these other girls are good looking tooo

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