Did he mean to send it to me??

Me and my ex was together a year amazing relationships, we split urn up about four weeks ago, within a few weeks if had a new girlfriend but wouldn't leave me alone, kept telling me how amazing his new girlfriend is etc, how there trying for a according already and he took her to meet all his family some I hadn't even met! I'm still hurt but I left him alone!

Its been a few weeks and yesterday I got a text from him that was meant for someone else when I asked him about it he said his girlfriend had brought him a new phone and for some reason he had had all the numbers he had ever had again!

It didn't make sense at you wouldn't just magically got all your numbers back! We spoke for a bit and he had put

'you could off talked to me but no you had to be an idiot'

After that if just wasn't very nice to me really I don't get it, I think he sent it to me on purpose, not really sure what I should do?


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  • Sorry, it's very hard to understand your question clearly as the English is very broken.

    From what I can understand, I would say just ignore this person and move on with your life.


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