Is it good for me if he wants to take care of me?

I've dating this guy for 5 months. I really like him and although he always said he isn't madly in love with me I think he loves me as well.

I live with my mother and but we don't get along very well. I was talking to him and he said if she kicked me out I could go live with him and I was never going to be alone because he would take care of me.

Is this a good thing? I don't want him to look at me and feel he has to be with me because I don't have anyone else. Do you guys think he meant another thing when he said it? Would you say it to your girlfriend of 5 months?

(I'm 24 and he is 25)


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  • First of all guys may lie and say they love you and don't mean it to get close enough to have sexual relations but when guy says he is not madly in love with you he is being honest. I would not read more into unless you sit down and have a talk with him. Are you guys intimate? If so moving in with him and depending on him for support could be the worst decision of your life. I have had many female friends that have fallen into this trap. The men they cared about changed once they moved in and became very possessive and insecure. They feel they own you because they are working to support you and provide you food and shelter. Whatever is going on between your mom you need to try to work out if you can. Family is precious. You need to get yourself together so if you ever do decide to move out you can take care of yourself without depending on anyone else. You will gain so much respect if you do. If you are already finanically independent then I apologize. Moving in with your boyfriend/girlfriend is a gamble. I have seen it go both ways. 5 months is kind of early in my opinion. How much do you really think you know about him and how much does he really know about you. Nothing is hidden anymore once you move in. Things will change a lot when you move in. It won't be the cute and fun dating anymore and he may not try as hard since he knows he has you. You are very right to question the idea of moving in and I honestly feel it would not be a good idea to move in with this guy.

    • Just to make it clear we both work and our salaries are pretty much the same. I'm a doctor and he is a manager in a financial corporation. I don't think he meant taking care of me in a money way... He just said I was never going to be alone that he would always be there for me

    • That's real good to know. I just did not know the whole scenario. "He always said he isn't madly in love with me" but he wants to take care of you. That just boggles my mind. Just sit down and have a talk about everything. Some guys live on the moment. Find out what his future plans are and where he sees you in it.

    • he usually says he can see himself with me in the futute. The part about been madly in love, he always says he was in love with his ex and she cheating on him... He feels like he can't give me more right now. But he treats me really nice, he calls every night, and sometimes even during the day (during his morning break or lunch), I've met his parents, he told all his close friends about me, when he goes out with friends he calls me and them sends me messages during the night... and other things

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  • I would try to work things out with my mom. I don't recommend of moving in together yet. Living and dating a guy are very different things. Living takes out all the joy in your relationship since you guy are always together. You'll see the habits of your guy that you won't like and you probably going to end up being a nagging girlfriend. Just enjoy the honeymoon phase and enjoy.

  • My boyfriend is taking care of me allday and night. He feed me, he shower me, he even wipe my butt when i poop. I dont want him to do these things for me but he say that he have to. We are together about 2 years now. I love him very. He does everything for me. he hug me all the time and he say that im his little baby and loves me very much. He stands by me in every difficult sutuation of my life. I love him a lot. Its weird?

  • First of all, don't trust everything said. It's easier said than done. That being said, don't jump into conclusions based on plain assumptions.

    It was nice of him to offer you that. He felt you were overhelmed/sad/...and he wanted to make you feel better. It was a nice gesture on his side.

    Things change, so you never know what is going to happen next month. Just relax and enjoy the moments you share now :)