Would he say "yes" to me?

Guys, whether you're aware or not that someone really likes you and you are committed to someone else, if someone calls you setting you up for a blind date, would you say yes? Why or why not? Would you be at least curious to meet her? Thanks.

I believe he's also interested in me because he flirts with me many times.


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  • I would say no and have no interest in meeting her. I know I'm in love with 1 girl, and I wouldn't do anything that could destroy it.


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  • no I wouldn't because if I was committed it someone already, I wouldn't want to do that to her

    • good for you; you'll make some girls very lucky. Thanks.

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  • Really think about what you are saying.

    You are saying this guy cares nothing about the person he is with but won't break up with her and apparently doesn't have the balls to tell her he doesn't care about her. You are saying he cares so little about her he would let someone set him up with a blind date, that has a stronger potential of being someone he has no interest in as someone he would want something with.

    I think a guy in this situation would only say yes in hopes of getting laid.

    • I like how you think. Thanks.

  • I have a tunnel vision when I'm in love. I see no other man but mine :)


    • what if you're not in love or love that person?

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    • so I guess when 2 people are committed or have relationship, they love each other...

    • I believe so.