Question about the first kiss?

Okay, so there is this guy I like, and I think he is probably gonna try to kiss me soon. This would be my first kiss ever, and probably his too.(we are both juniors in high school) do you do it?

Like, is the mouth supposed to be totally closed, open a little bit, what?

What do you do with your hands?

How long?

What do you usually say afterward, if anything?

What was your first kiss like?

and finally, is the second kiss as scary as the first?

Girls and guys are more than welcome to answer, and please be as detailed as possible! and thanks so much in advance!


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  • Aww this is cute lol. Actually after my first kiss the guy told me I was an amazing kisser lmao

    ok so its not hard at all. Its gonna come naturally to you. I would say the most important thing is to be in the moment. If you're paying attention to how he's kissing you should be fine.

    k so basically I find it best if you start out with no tongue then work it in later, just so no one's caught off guard. Taking your time is another good tip. I'm sure you've seen a movie where a kiss was involved lol. Just slowly kiss him and you open and close your lips on his lol. If you want tongue then just GENTLY push it onto his lips. He'll feel it and then start using tongue if he wants to. You'll honestly get the hang of it in like 5 seconds. Anyway if you continue with tongue just like massage his tongue with yours. Don't make your tongue too tensed up (hopefully you know what I mean) and don't make it not tensed up enough (no one wants a wet noodle lmao).

    Umm you can put your hands wherever you want lol. If he's kissing you I'm sure he won't object. Some usual places I find I place my hands are on his chest/ stomach/ waist or on the back of his head while gently pulling his hair.

    It can go on from less than a minute to hours long lol. Obviously depending on location the time it goes on for depends. But you'll be able to feel him pull away and end it or you could end it.

    lol I don't usually say anything after. I notice the guy always compliments me so maybe if you wanna say something give him a compliment (ONLY IF YOU MEAN IT THOUGH)

    The second kiss is not as bad on the nerves lol. GOOD LUCK. You will be fine and hopefully your first kiss is as good as mine was lol

    • I really like this answer, haha. It was very sweet. :-)

    • Thank you! this was a great answer, and very helpful! :)

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  • No first kiss is perfect, trust me. I remember my first kiss, it sucked.

    And how to kiss? Open your mouth slightly. Touch the person you are kissing.

    Unless it's a makeout session it shouldn't last too long.

  • mouth closed, no tongue

    tilt your head so your nose doesn't hit

    2-4 seconds maybe

    just smile afterward


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