Why isn't he texting?

this guy I talked to just stopped texting me I really want to text him back but I don't wanna look like a creep...what should I do and is he just not interested any more?


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  • text him one more time and if he doesn't respond, then let it go

    • ok ill do this...but if he doesn't respond do you have any tips on what to do in terms of letting go...im a baby when it comes to that

    • delete his number from your phone to "let go" and don't text it again.

    • allright thanksss imma actually try this :)

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  • Wait a couple of days, and just text him


What Girls Said 2

  • Do not text him.

    -Oh wait, you already did. Too late :/.-

    • yeahhh he ignored it tho so whatever :?

  • Yeah wait, I know its hard I been in your situation before, if you keep texting him first he will back away. You want the guy to chase you!

    • im just curioius did your guy ever text back? ha I just need all the hope I can get but thanks for the advice :)

    • Well no I texted him and then he never texted back, that's why I'm saying you want him to text you.

    • She doesn't have to text him first all the time. >_>

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