What your worst date ever?

Mine was about 2 years ago. When on a date with this really sweet(or so I thought) guy little did I know he had a girlfriend. He said he didn't. But man this girl showed up on the middle of our date and through his drink in his face and started slapping him. I left immediately. Just last month he emailed and asked for another chance...HELL NO"!


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  • Went out on a date with a co-worker.

    At the time I was depressed and stressed out from work and other bullsh*t. This co-worker was a bad catch, because she was very unattractive compared to me. And annoying. I didn't have fun on the date, but she had a BLAST! Next thing you know, she's spreading rumors about me liking her. And how they're going to be a couple.

    I grew distant with her, and she got upset. Writing me notes on my car about how 'we need to talk' and 'we're not making progress'.

    I got my act together months later, and she literally went apesh*t about how I've 'changed'. I was fairly optimistic and happy at the time. And yet I changed for the WORST? What the f*ck.

    So yeah ... there you have it. Never lead a girl on into believing she has a chance with you. Dating unattractive women is a waste of time.


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  • I went on a blind date once, to please my friend. The girl was really weird and had been begging her friend to set us up. She wasn't funny or intelligent or attractive.

    All she tried to do was touch my junk, and it made me uncomfortable. And she kept asking me questions like "how big are you?" "whats your favorite position?"

  • I had a blind date with this obnoxious girl who took it upon herself to order an appetizer, an entree, and a slice of cake. She got drunk off of one drink, and was yelling things out my window on the way home. I had to use the child locks on the window for the first time that night. lol, then the next day I heard she wanted to go out again.

    • hahahahaha Appetizer ordering is a no no? and dessert too?

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    • hell yea I know what you mean. I've actually walked out on a guy within the first 15 minutes...thats how bad it was.

    • Ouch, he must have been a real prick.

  • Well she was gassy from all the cheese curds and sitting through dinner ... it was painful. For everyone. So painful.


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