Can you teach me how to text?

I am retarded when it comes to texting. I can't communicate over the text with people and especially girls.

I text no more than 50 messages in a month. Today I got a girl's number from my class and I texted her more in one day than I usually text in a month.

Now I run out of things to say and have no idea how to keep a convo going.

Please and thank you!


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  • sounded more like you don't have much to say during texting...I usually just use texting as a conveinent get to know you kind of thing...or "I have to tell you something right quick" and I have this rule with friends that they shouldn't text me if they have nothing to talk about lol. It makes sense. So the only way to keep a convo is to have something to actually start a convo in the first place usually if you have nothing to say then the convo is over...simple as that. I guess if you want it ongoing and you want to get to know the person more you can play 20 questions...or not even really make it a game just start asking questions, random ones like...are you afraid of heights...that will lead to the other person asking you if your afraid of heights then maybe there would be a story behind the reason neither of you like heights...hopefully your catching my drift whatever drift that maybe.

    Back to the can you teach me how to text thing...No one can teach you how to text seeing no one has control over your finger functions lol...I text like I type on the preferably on a keyboard, if its touchscreen well then I text retarded too. Practice makes perfect I guess...the more things you talk about and conversations you hold over the text the faster and better you get at having more then 50 messages in a month.

    Some people are just better at communicating in person or over the phone...

    hmm...i used horrible grammer and punctuation in this comment but all well


    Tami 8)

    • Thanka for advice. I guess I need to start asking random questions. I just want to get to know her. For examples if tomorrow I would want to talk to her should I first text hi/how are you? Or I can ask a random question right away?

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    • Haha you are an,angel whom god sent to earth to help people with their texting problems. Your replies are very helpful. Would you mind if I'll friendlist you and chat ith you a bit?

    • lol aww gee thanks...I see you have some charm in you, I'm sure you will have no problem improving your texting skills. You can add me as a friend or I shall add you but I'm about to get off I have work in the morning and then class. But I will definitely be happy to chat with you when I get back on sometime. 8)

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  • Noooo... don't start texting. It's not all it's cracked up to be. Face-to-face communication is 10000 times better.


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  • I am not here for the solution. I am too, in the same category. You talk with me any topic in this world, but as soon as I start talking to a girl, my words end there PERIOD