Should I call him first?

I asked a guy I know for some of his business cards. After he gave them to me I told him we should hang out and he said yea one of these days. So I asked if the number on the card was his cell and he said yes. I then asked if he would mind if I kept one for myself and he said sure. At that point I pulled out my number and gave it to him. He didn't seem to know what it was, so I told him it was my number and he said oh OK thanks. We stood there for about 5 seconds making eye contact and smiling, then I said I guess we will be talking and he said yes. He hasn't called yet. Should I call him first?


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  • How long ago was this?

    • gave him my number Monday evening

    • Well if I were you I would call him to see if he wanted to go out on a casual outing (drinks or something of that sort) to show him that I'm interested. Nothing wrong in being the first to call even if you are the timid type of lady. If you decide to wait and he doesn't call by the end of the week chances are he isn't that interested and you shouldn't sweat yourself over him. Best of luck!

    • This girl is sort of correct. I definitely say call him and ask him to do something casual. But if you do wait and he doesn't call, it doesn't necessarily mean he isn't interested. He might not know that you are interested past just "hanging out" so he didn't bother trying to call. I mean, a business card is sorta impersonal. If you asked for him number directly, it would make your intentions a little more obvious.

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