I'm wondering what he wants?

So I met this guy online. We hung out a few times, the day after one date that we had, he texted me and told me that we were looking for different things. I said okay and deleted his number. I haven't

talked to him in about 5 days.

This morning I wake up to a text from him telling me to text him when I wake up. I deleted his number, so I thought it was another guys, I asked him if he was Johnathan, he got weird and said "never mind, you have to many guys in your life."

Why do you think he is texting me now? I was sure he deleted my number like I did his.


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  • I think he changed his mind and wanted to tell you that (based on the "too many guys" comment). What made you so sure he deleted your number?

    • I'm not sure if he deleted it or not, I'm just guessing since he told me that we weren't going to work out.

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