How to make boyfriend realize it bothers me when he doesn't text back?

Okay my boyfriend is not a text-er and never has been. His phone just sits in his bedroom all the time and he checks it like twice a day. Well when we don't have school or a date I may not get a text from him for like 2 or 3 days. He doesn't realize why this bothers me. He's like "babe I love you, I just don't like texting, Id rather just talk to you". I still always feel like I'm the last thing on his mind when I'm not around though. I don't want like full length conversations or anything because I understand he's busy but its not hard to pick up the phone and say "hey babe I'm working love you" or "Goodnight love you" and he doesn't seem to understand that. How do I get him to see my point? Or do I even have a point?


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  • Ha good luck with that am the same way. I don't txt/call people unless it's to plan something or something extremely interesting or important came up. Just because he doesn't txt/call you it doesn't mean that he isn't thinking of you because trust me he is. Let this go that's just how he's wired.


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