I had a date with a great guy I met on a dating site, date didn't happen, advice?

he doesn't talk to me anymore,yet he winks at me on the dating site where we met. What do I make of this? Is he still interested,but doesn't want to ask me out again..what? This is driving me crazy!


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  • This could be that he refuses to pay anymore to chat and is letting you know he is still interested in you but can't offord the fee's

    • Oh he's never been a paying member.

      Thanks for replying:)

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    • Aww thanks. You sound cool;)

    • Your welcome, and you don't sound half bad yourself, its been a pleasure chatting with you,x

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  • Obviously he isn't worth your time. Those are games. Genuine guys would have made it to the date, or at least instead of winking he would talk to you and say what he feels.

    Drop this loser and find another guy, there's millions out there, your worth it to find a good dude.

    • No see,I had said something so he didn't want to go out. I apologized but he won't budge. It would've been our first date. Everything was going great before that. oh,well.

    • Well I mean whatever you said couldn't have been that bad. I say don't worry about it and find a better guy.

    • Thanks,I will.

  • I think he just wants to f***, to be honest here.

    • I don't think that's it. After talking on the phone/hanging out with him-he just doesn't seem like the type.

      I have met plenty of those types,believe me.

  • I have never paid money to talk to anyone. I know a lot of people do but I can't help but wonder what their motivations are. Ever heard of Facebook, MySpace or GAG or even possibly taking some crazy risk like going outside?

  • Um, you ever meet a Flake before?


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