Guy told me he liked me, but stopped texting and calling me. I hate it.

Me and a guy I'm really into recently told each other that we both liked each other. And were confused because we thought the other only thought of each other as just friends. Aka, mixed signals. We talked a couple times for a long time after that, and even talked about getting our own place together. He was calling me babe, telling me goodnight and goodmorning. The works.

Then recently he just stopped texting me just to see what I was up to. We could easily go over a week without talking to each other if I didn't initiate the conversation first. And when I do text him first, he responds almost instantly and seems interested. But we don't talk for about three days before that.

Last night I texted him and he ended the conversation with just 'yea'. There's nothing to continue the conversation with that. It's about as bad as 'lol.' I can't stand that, so I just didn't respond.

So, my question is why is he no longer texting me frequently like he used to? Did he lose interest? Does he know he can get me anytime he wants to and is no longer feeling challanged?

What do I do? I'm not going to keep calling and texting him first because I'm not used to doing that. I'm used to guys calling and texting me 24/7, he doesn't. Please help, thanks guys.


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  • Yeah, if you stop showing as much interest he's probably going to be one coming after you. And if he doesn't, even better! You know you can move on to the next.

    • I'm just going to forget about the guy. Playing games is so dumb to me. But thank you for answering!

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  • That's what they call "A change of heart"

  • Why were you talking about living together? Have you even been on a date with this guy?

    How much do you really know about this guy? How do you know him?

    If I didn't know any better I would say his actions look surprisingly like you are the potential "other woman".

    • lol, he's only a year younger than me. I'm eighteen. And I've known him for a year and through school. So many girls have told me he's very immature, so maybe that's just the problem. He doesn't know how to handle a relationship. I've just never met a guy that was this hard to figure out.

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    • No :/

    • Then definitely having a conversation about moving in together shows the lack of maturity in this situation. Maybe you were just a crush to him.. who knows. Time to move on.

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