Why would she send me a message while we haven't talked to each other for 4 months long?

I new this girl for 6 months. We started of as friends and after a few months I started to develop feelings for her, she invited me into her car because I asked her if we could talk. I confessed my feelings for her, she laughed and told me that I knew it wasn't possible because she had a boyfriend. So I understood and asked her if she would consider to have a dinner with me if she ever would break up with him, she laughed and told me she would love to. After a few days I just shut myself down, I couldn't accept the rejection and ignored her for 4 months. A few days earlier she sent me a text message (she normaly never takes iniative to ever contact me). Why would she do such a thing?


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  • She just wants to talk, say hi, etc. Not a big deal. Wouldn't pay much attention to it since she hasn't bothered contacting for 4 months, unless though she mentions not having a boyfriend, then that's a big hint.

    • She texted me that if it was me stading at the bus station...I replied who is this (erased her number) and she told me Sarah, and I replied it was me. ... Nothing else from both sides... thanx