Wondering how to be more relaxed like my girlfriend?

To start off, I have dated many different girls from all over the world because of a past job I worked traveling all over. Out of all of them I found myself dating a beautiful latina girl for the past several months and everything has been grand. When we are together therebare zero problems. When we are not together meaning not seeing each other that day its like she's a magician and disapears all day. She lives at home, has a child, and when she's not working 6 times a week she's cleaning the family house, getting her daughter ready for school etc. Basically she takes a very long time sometimes to respond, or ill send a text and sometimes she won't even get back to me about what I texted her. she's not a big phone person really. She is also a very laid back chill type of girl. I am a bit needy of a man and I feel I need to relax, maybe not care as much if I don't hear from her all day. What do you all think?


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  • you need to have more meaningful conversations. Understand what she is going through day to day and also express to her that you wish you could talk to her more throughout the day, maybe things will change.


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