Should I take a "risk"?

This guy I met on like the 4th day of school added me on Facebook & out of the blue, he started talking about taking a "risk" with him, & by risk I mean dating. I told him I just want to get to know him better, before we do that...he didn't really want to, he just wanted to date & get to know each other meanwhile...what should I do with this?


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  • yeah you shud take it slowly until you get to know him better.

    Anyway I'm sure you no that already . So be careful . :)

    Its like having a car. Driving slow is safer than driving fast.


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  • He just wants to rush in situations he would rathe be in at the moment and skip the parts that could take for ever, if he wants it he wants it now and not within a year or so, because there might be a new girl or so... a risk he might brake your heart, such a tye of risk :)

    • Well thank-you.(: I'm not sure, I just prefer to get to know someone better, than rush into a relationship that would probably last for a few weeks../: UGH, BOYS.

  • i would take it slow get to know him then date him don't take the risk for the wrong reasons

    • That is exactly what I am ssaying, but he just won't stop saying the same thinggg. He really wants to date me, but I want to be my own person & take a stand & tell him what *I* want...should I just stay friends & not even think about a relationship with him?

    • well if he is not listening to you then say this if we are not going to get to know each other than lets just be friends

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