Guys why would you ignore a girl's text when you've been texting for two days?

We texted for 2 days. It started at noon and ended the next in the morning. He was replying right away, it was no problem. Once it was almost midnight, he read my text but didn't reply to it until next day in the morning, I replied back but he didn't reply back, even though he read it. So why did he do that? Was he annoyed or...


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  • sounds like he fell asleep. jesus, why do you guys overthink this sort of thing?

    • and what's with the texting BS? pick up a phone and call!

    • he replied the next morning and I replied back but totally ignored me << that's my quesiton

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  • maybe he lost interest I guess? sounds like the only explanation .

    • interest in texting?

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    • I doubt he ran out of credit... does this mean he doesn't want me texting him anymore?

    • im sorry but it sounds like he is not interested in you anymore for whatever reason. he must have found some1 else or something.

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  • guys do this. it's because they are stupid and have no social skills

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