Girls do guys get twisted if you say the wrong thing?

This guy we talk quit a bit and we lots of cyber sexing, we are bffs with benefits, we both agreed. This one night he pipes in on skype with his usual comments "hey" so I answer back "what do you want" it was a teasing comment knowing full well what he wanted. He then responses with a "you" he comes on for about 2 min says nothing and logs off! That was 8 days ago and he has not even tried to get in touch with me. I'm just curious if other guys pull a "girl" and get their backs up if you say something that didn't go well with them.


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  • woah woah woah slow down there tex! I woulldn't think about that too much if I were you, it gets really deep when it really wasn't meant to be that deep. :)

    • hahahaha it's just a question not exactly sure what you meant by comments cowboy!

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