He let me down at a bar by myself

I'm angry at the guy I'm dating. We were at a bar and everything was fun, I was getting drunk when he started talking with a female friend forever and let me stare at the floor. After 30 minutes he noticed, told me I could leave with his car if I wanted. I told him I was way too drunk to drive and I would sleep in his car, I slept there for 1h30 before he came back, he went to drop me at my place and left. he tried to kiss me but I turned around because I was mad and told him he could have at least include me in the conversation or something.

i am not the jealous type, this would have happened even if it was a boy as I was mad only because he didn't talk to me.

what's next? I'm not down to date a guy that doesn,t care about me, but until that everything was fine for several months.


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  • It seems to me he doesn't really care about you if he proposes you to drive, knowing that you've had too much too drink...


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  • That's not normal for a guy who supposedly likes you, or maybe he's just a dumbass. Try talking to him.


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  • Well.. I don't blame you for being mad at him, he was very ignorant and rude and just acted like a complete douche, who is this female friend he was talking to, what was so interesting about her that he just went kicked you to side walk like that?. I know your not the jealous type but you have a right to know why he acted this way to you, if he liked you he wouldn't of completely ignored you like that and went off to chat to another girl and pretended like he didn't even know you at all. You two definitely need to talk for sure.