Girlfriend takes forever sometimes to respond..How to remain cool about it?

My girl and I have been together 6 the start we texted and called all day long. Now the past 2 months I am still the same way but my girlfriend has dramtically slowed down the contacting. When we are together in person we have no issues and we have so much fun. On days we don't see each other she takes forever to text back, sometimes ill text questions and she will call 4 hours later and not even bring up the text I sent her. She is not a big phone person to start...she is also a very chill laid back easy going girl, nothing bothers I had a talk about it and to her its like not a big deal..some mornings she will text me good morning I miss you this and that and some I won't hear from her at all until 1pm. I know she's busy and works, has a 5 year old son to get ready for school in the a.m. etc...but why the change? Is she just comfortable with me now? what's up? How should I act!?!? I don't wanna be a needy wimp!


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  • multiple girlfriends. the chances of them both being too busy for is small. if you're having a problem with girl, then acquiring more girls is always the answer.

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