Why does it take him so long to answer my texts?

I like this guy. We joke around a lot and flirt. The usual stuff. I'm kind of getting a feeling that he might be interested since he's kissed the side of my head a few times. We hug a lot. My friend told me she hasn't seen him kiss any other friends that were girls on the head. He changed the topic right away when I talked about a hot guy to my friend. He want's me to pay attention in class. My friends think so too and we talked on the phone twice and they were good conversations and it was comfortable to talk to him. I got his number several weeks ago and I text him sometimes. When the text is about school he will usually answer within a few min to an hour which is normal. If it's just a flirty or joke type of text or not even about school he takes REALLY long to text back, its either hours after I text him to the next day. I'm just wondering why does he do this?


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  • its to keep you keen, so in future if he takes to long, text again with, "oh your fun, been waiting on a reply" or " sorry your busy, will talk later" and leave it, this will urge him to text quicker and keep you in control,x

  • Try to ignore the time it takes him to text back and how he texted back does he go along with the flirty texts? Sometimes guys take longer to text back to those kind of texts to not come off as desperate, or he may feel uncomfortable or not know what to say to those types of texts right away.

    • any text I send him flirty or nonflirty he does go along with even though its been a while since I sent them

    • Then that's a good sign he may just be suffering from not knowing a good responce right away or just not wanting to come off as desperate if you have a good read on him in person like you say you think you do( he likes you because he does special things for you) than I wouldn't be worried about this at all.

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