He kissed me, but it didn't go well, advice?

I'm not exactly sure what my question is, but feedback is welcome. I had closed my eyes and he kissed me; I wasn't even expecting it. It would be my first kiss, but I didn't even respond, just kept my lips pressed together. But now, I'm even more concerned than before. I can't even see how I'm supposed to kiss someone! Please don't just say "go with it," as that doesn't seem relevant. :( Thanks...


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  • Let him know you've never kissed someone before he can probably help you out and give you some practice!


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  • do you like the guy? Romantic isn't it?

    • Not really... I felt it was too soon even though I do like him.

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  • know right that same thing happend to me. like they always make it seem like it will be so perfect and its not... my first kiss sucked too. It just something you get the hang of and maybe you guys can practice with each other..who knows ;p

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