Does he still like me if he texts me everyday?

So me and this guy have been seeing each other for about 5-6 months now.. he had just gotten out of a relationship, so things were a bit complicated. we managed to see each other at times. but now we Haven't seen each other in like 2 months because of work/university.

I asked him what we should do about this situation , and he didn't know and said he didn't want to get into anything if all he is doing is work but he still cares, so well, in the meantime I said lets stay friends.. and he agreed that it was best. after that he didn't text me for like 8 days (he may have been mad) but he randomly texted me one night and we started texting again. This has been going on for weeks now (month), and I was just wondering is he still thinking about me? does he still like me if he texts me everyday? because he is always the one to intiate and always has to tell me what he is doing. its just so confusing..


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  • It sounds like he is still interested. He's still texting; and initiating at that. You were the one who broke it off technically (I think?).

    If you want to give it a try again that could be an option. However, it's also possible that he still short on time and is using whatever free time he has to talk to you. If your timetabling is still an issue, maybe just remain friends or be willing to enter a relationship knowing you won't be able to have a lot of time together. Sometimes a little is better than nothing, though.


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