Why don't girls ever call me?

I have a really hard time making friends, but have been forcing myself to be a little more outgoing... Anyway. Usually when I exchange numbers with a girl that hangs out with me saying 'so yeah call me if you ever want to hangout again', they never do. Why is this? I feel like such a loser, I have no friends, and people are so cliche at my school.

I've done this like 3 times and no results. And one of the girl I see all the time on campus, and she just like basically ignores me. WTF?


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  • No, you're not a loser, it just takes more effort than that. Saying "call me sometime" is pretty open-ended and passive, so even if they had a good time, they'll probably either forget or feel really awkward calling. Try being more specific. After you hang out with someone, you could say, "Hey, this was really fun, it was great getting to know you a little more! What are you doing next weekend?" That way, by having something specific, the other person will be more likely to think of you and text you the night before with something like, "Hey, are we still on for tomorrow?" If not, then you can go ahead and take that initiative.

    Initiating friendship is going to take just a little more work on your part, which can be strange and frustrating if you're not usually very outgoing. I would go with the rule of three. Give it three times, and if you've hung out with the person three times and they're still not reaching out to you, then cut your losses and move on. But just remember that it takes time.

    • thanks, but its seems its just hard for me to get past the first time I hangout with people. And the problem is these people start acting really unfriendly to me, like on a just saying hi or smiling basis. And one girl was like oh yeah ill text you later cause I asked her what she was up to, and she never did :(

    • Well, it sounds to me like you should try being more selective in who you try to hang out with. Do more people-watching. See how they act towards other people that aren't close friends or in their clique. Or try and talk to people who seem quiet or like they don't quite fit into the main groups. In my experience, these people are usually the nicest, most down-to-earth.

    • She seemed pretty cool when I met her, but yeah thank you.

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  • You're not a loser. Sometimes people don't like each other for no particular reason, stupid I know. The best thing you can do is try to be independent and do things that take your time and distract you, Join a club and maybe you will meet new friends. Always respect yourself first and don't put yourself down. If people don't like you it's probably because you're nice and they like to be treated like crap.

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