What is the definition of a girlfriend and what do they do?

Is the same thing as being a friend ? My parents said it wasn't and that I'd understand when I got older , but I'm 17 and people my age are sometimes in serious relationships. I don't understand the concept of dating, it confuses me. I don't understand the concept of romantic relationships either. All I know is that dating can lead to that.

I worried ,one day, when a man asks me out and if we do end up going on more than 1 date and he asks me to be his girlfriend , I won't know what to do. I asked my parents and they said was hold hands and talk and that sounds stupid and meaningless to me . There has to be more to it than that.


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  • Defining a relationship is hard..it's something that you have to feel inside of you. Having a relationship friend wise is the closest to dating wise I'd have to say. When you're in a serious realtionship with a guy it means that you too have to be able to trust and count on each other. It means that you guys can tell each other anything because you know that the other person is going to understand..and even if they don't they'll be there with you until you do. Having a serious relationship also has to do with respect. How can you seriously be with someone if they can't get things like you're feeling..what you're OK and not OK with..or really the most important..what going to hurt you. The scary part is that being in a serious relationship means that you're giving that person all the means to hurt you..and again trusing them to not mis use the knowledge. A relationship is hard to define but it's kinda like a roller coaster or walking over broken glass. You're partner is like the track or the shoes under you feet...one without the other just doesn't work. Yah a relationship also involves all that good hand holding, talking and kissing such, but you can do that without having an actual relationship right. The relationship are the actual peices inside of you and in a way your parents were correct on that one thing sorta..but instead of saying that you'll understand whenyou get older...id have to say you'll understand when you have one. There is no right way for a girlfriend to act...you have to meet that person and see what they need and then you do you're best to be those things. A partners job is to be there and support the others if you catch my dirft..

    Lolz I really hope that helps you even a bit..



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  • Friendship (sometimes sort of friendship light) with perhaps a little more emotional intimacy plus physical desire, which in most cultures would be to some extent expressed.

    At 17, I'd expect a long term girlfriend to be a friend, a confidant, someone I loved and who loved me, and someone who was excited and wanted to kiss me and fool around. That probably means clothes off, but not necessarily intercourse.

    • By college ... same thing except a higher proportion will expect sex.

      A lot of college age guys don't want to date or have relationships at all ... they just want to have FWB/casual sex. But guys who WANT to date, I'd say its as described.

  • No need to read your essay, most of the times people your age just want to get laid and want to bang (or BE banged) all the night. Sorry for being rude but this is reality.

    • If you read what I typed, you'd know that I was asking about adult relationship specifically and I will be 18 next year and going off to college. So, I'm guessing people in college only want that too.

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  • It's really hard to put in words, that's usually something you pick up along the way as you grow up, so your parents are right in a way

    It's not the same as being friends, but being friends is usually part of it. It's like being friends with more emotional and physical intimacy.

    To what ano said below, even though he maybe didn't phrase it nice, he's right in so far as a lot of guys your age do not want a serious relationships

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